H2 Photography | Customer Review
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Customer Review

What our customer says…

  Studio is well equipped and owners are very friendly. Price is reasonable and location convenient as near mrt station. Totally Recommend!

thumb Yan Sen Ng

  Great location, facilities and space for your photography needs! Will continue to support H2!

thumb Benjamin Tan

  Breaking the week with a fun photoshoot with my BE group. If you wanna book a studio, this place provides all the lighting backdrop and whatever you need for a photoshoot !

thumb Salma Bamadhaj

  As the President of @TheLeoProductions, I would like to thank H2 Studio for their hospitality and quality service in meeting our needs for our monthly recording sessions. Do check out our FB page for more cover videos that we have done in H2 Studio! 🙂

thumb Nursyafiqah Erfatin

  Friendly staff who are willing to share their expertise with you!

thumb Daryl Yeap


thumb Yin Liang

  Facilities are good and owner is very willing to assists. Location can easily be found.

thumb Maki Gud

  DK is super friendly and gave me all the info about the studio when I call to inquire. The studio is clean and spacious and all the flashes are in very good condition. The backdrop is motorized and clean. Our photoshoot went on very well. Thank you!

thumb Terrix Lin

  Second time using h2 studio and I'm very impressed by the cleanliness and service here. The equipment is above average and the motorised backdrop system makes it much more convenient during shoots. DK is also very knowledgeable and helpful with the studio setup.

thumb Martyn Lim

  Totally love the studio space here. Been here for good 4 photoshoots. Well maintained equipments and there's variety of backdrop colour provided to easily match my shoot. Highly recommended and will definitely come back again!

thumb Sufi Sufyan

  We always rented this place for our photoshoots! Incredible service from the owner and he is always helpful!

thumb Anna Lai


thumb Kevin Nihc


thumb Cinta Fitri

  Excellent Service by the couple at H2 Studio, even tried accomodating me by asking what I'd need a day before the shoot. Clean and convenient. Super near the MRT station! 100% privacy in the studio.

thumb Yi Chin

  Rented this studio for almost a year! Now then have time to write review 😀 Very friendly owner and very helpful too, everything u need he will help for sure 🙂 And the location also very near to mrt, like only 100m away! Definitely recommended this place , thumb up!

thumb Peter Lee

  Excellent studio with friendly staff. Facilities were good. And had fun with the whole shooting experience.

thumb Chandru Selvarajan

  This is not my first time been to a studio for a shoot, I have tried other studio before and the price here is very reasonable and equipment wise is above average, I like the ease of changing background as I like and also the use of props that other places do not have. It also felt like having the whole space to ourselves to do our shoot. I like how the studio provides audio system as well so I can blast music to make everyone during the shoot at ease. There is hot and cold water provided for us and we can use the fridge for our own drinks as well.

thumb Kens JiongYi

  DK is very reliable and help you whenever it is needed for all the settings. Studio full of lights and with several backgrounds to work with. The results of my sessions there have always been satisfying. I recommend the place.

thumb Yohan Medina

  Excellent Service by H2 Studio, Clean and Convention. 100% privacy.

thumb Wynn Zhou

Thank you for using our studio, if you like us, please do not hesitate to share your experience with others 🙂

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