Studio rental rates

Standard Rates

Base rates:


Note: Surcharge types are stackable.




The above examples are weekday rates. For weekends (or public holidays), please substitute the weekday base rate of $45 with the weekend base rate of $55.

Cost Calculator for Single Bookings

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Prepaid Rates

Prepaid rates are designed to give you the flexibility while reward you for your commitment at the same time. With this rate, you pay a certain amount in advance, then use it as credit over time while enjoying discounted rental rate.

For example: With the $300 Prepaid package, you will need to pay $300 first, then whenever you rent our studio, rental amount will be deducted from your paid credit. All rental under this rate will have 20% discount; so say you book 2 hours which would cost $70 normally, only $56 will be deducted from your credit.

There are 4 Prepaid packages:

Prepaid packages are not bookable through our online booking. Please contact us for them!

Last update: 02 April 2024