Video Studio Rental

Over the years, videos have become an integral part of your lives, be it personal or professional. Videos are everywhere, from Television, Billboards, Social Media to WhatsApp. With easy access to shooting, editing, and publishing, it has become even more popular.

So how do you make sure your videos stand out with so many videos being published every day? The content is the key for sure, but having exceptional video quality is equally important. And, to make such quality videos, renting a studio is the best bet.

At H2, we provide you with everything you need to make professional videos. Our studio can adapt to a variety of production needs and has a range of video equipment.

Why Rent A Studio to Record your Videos?

Video Equipment

What kind of video can be taken at H2?

Whatever may be your purpose to shoot a video, we are there to help you get going. Contact us today to book your slot.

Note: If sound-recording is critical to your video, we would advise you to book on a weekend or public holiday as there is an airbase nearby. While our studio is soundproof and the vicinity is generally quiet, at times you might face some disturbance due to the occasional airplanes flying around the area on weekdays.