Family Photo Shoot

H2 Studio specialise in studio-based family photo shoots. Our best-in-class studio can cater to all your basic requirements and give you the needed privacy for the shoot.

Making family photo albums or putting up your family photos in the house will never go out of style. It helps bring the place to life and reminds us of all the memories we share.

To bring out the true essence of these precious family moments, hiring a professional photographer is a must. We at H2 Studios ensure that the session is designed as per your needs, and the pictures display the true bond you share as a family.

Family Photo Shoot Package

$250 (Weekday) - $300 (Weekend/PH)
(2024 Updated)

You will get:

  • 60 minutes of guided photo session
  • 3 changes of backdrops, unlimited changes of outfits
  • 10 customer-selected retouched shots (face, skin retouch)
  • All photos taken during the session with basic adjustments

Book your family photo shoot session below (1 hour)

Why get a professional family photo shoot?

  • Celebrate a Milestone

    If your family is celebrating a milestone, like a birthday, anniversary, a child’s graduation, or a new addition to the family, getting a family photo shoot would make it even more memorable. Photographs are a great way to preserve these special events and the bond your family shares.
  • Simply Make Memories

    Getting a professional family photoshoot doesn’t always need a reason. You could just get one done because you want to take some time off your busy lives and make some memories. Experiment with fun themes, outfits, accessories, or props to make the whole process enjoyable.
  • Family Bonding

    A family photo shoot can be turned into a family activity, especially if your parents or children are visiting from overseas. Even if you stay in the same city, take this opportunity to bond with your loved ones. While you connect and share some laughter, our photographers would seize the moment forever.
  • Decorate your Home

    Relive your memories every day by decorating your house with family photographs. Thanks to mobile phones, we have started taking more photos than ever. While every picture has a story to tell, not all are frame-worthy. A professional photo session would ensure premium quality photos that can be easily customized in the sizes and frames of your choice.
  • Make Souvenirs

    If you like personalizing gifts or holiday greetings for your family and friends, use only high-resolution pictures for the same. Create cards, calendars, mugs, photo journals, or t-shirts using professional photos that stand out. Be rest assured, your family would be more than thrilled to get these souvenirs.
Family Photo

How do I ensure a productive family photoshoot?

We do understand that not everyone is comfortable in front of a camera. Our skilled photographers would guide you and your family throughout the session to ensure we get flawless pictures.

We would recommend the following tips to ensure a smooth session:

  1. Get your outfits ready beforehand so that there is no last-minute panic. Wear clothes that you are comfortable in, but try not to wear something too casual. Colour coordinating your family’s outfits is also a good idea.
  2. Make sure your family is well-rested, hydrated, and not empty stomach before the shoot. Bring along some snacks and treats for the kids. Our studio has a pantry with a refrigerator as well as drinking water.
  3. Turn up 10-15 minutes before the session is scheduled so that you can relax and familiarize yourself with the place.
  4. If you have a photo concept in mind, do discuss it with the photographer before the shoot. Also, if you would like to use any specific props or accessories, don’t forget to bring them along.
  5. We have a makeup station too in our studio. So if you prefer to get your makeup and hair done at the studio, do let us know. We would book your slot accordingly. You can also use the same for touch-ups during the shoot.
  6. Lastly, don’t forget to enjoy yourself!

Time waits for no one. So, if you haven’t got a family photoshoot done before or it’s been a long time, schedule one today.

Why not make it a yearly ritual to come together and get a family portrait clicked. It will be fun and a creative way to portray the different stages of your family’s growth.